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More than a mere showcase of quotes, Enchiridion is a work of reflection and self-evaluation. Its ambitious purpose is to become your “handbook,” a companion in your very own journey, a tool keeping you focused and accountable at all times. Through several unique features, our work will prompt you to take notes, to examine your current situation and consider opportunities and means by which you may fulfill your personal aspirations. By being uplifting rather than patronizing, Enchiridion seeks to help you be your best self, each and every day.

Meet the Author

Daniel T. Gomes

Daniel T. Gomes is a graphic designer and content creator from Lisbon, Portugal. He is also Biblion’s assistant editor, being responsible for much of the magazine’s design. His role also extends into producing, proofreading and translating written content.

After the local success of his translation of Martin Luther’s “On the Freedom of a Christian,” Gomes is now launching Enchiridion – The Handbook series as Biblion’s flagship publications for 2019. Classifying this project as both “cathartic” and “enlightening,” the author hopes his work will resonate with its readers and exert a positive influence in their lives.

“It’s been such a valuable experience, on a personal level,” Gomes explains. “All the considerations that are inherent to this project – from brainstorming and concept design to all the content and design-related decisions – have left a deep impression on me. I think that’s something people will pick up from this series, that these are truly “handbooks” – in the sense that these works push us to be our better selves and can be our companions in the daily journey that is life, rather than being something you stack on a bookshelf once you’re done with it.”

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Discover the Portuguese (EU) translation of Martin Luther’s final treatise before his excommunication, and the first book published by Biblion commemorating the 500th birthday of the Protestant Reformation.

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Available Jul 30, 2019


The Contemplation Plan

Starving for wisdom and understanding?

The Contemplation Plan has all the food for thought you need and more!

Thirty days of introspective quotes and reflections that will prompt you to examine our world critically and grow on an intellectual level.

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